Tokyo (Japan) Spring Days 5 and 6, Mount Fuji and Disneyland- May 2016

On our 5th day in Tokyo, we went on a bus ride going to Gotemba Premium Outlet Store. We went here mainly to get a view of Mt. Fuji in all its splendor and it was beautiful!IMG_9865

We had a smooth bus ride from Shinjuku using the Odakyu bus.


We just walked, window shopped and ate at the Outlet mall.



We slept with all smiles on our faces because our destination the next day was Tokyo Disneyland!


Here are the attractions that we explored:
1.Monsters, Inc. Ride Go and Seek


Together with little Boo, and lots of monsters, including Sulley and Mike, We played hide-and-go-seek through the Monsters, Inc. offices and the streets of Monstropolis. Here, we used our flashlights to “find” the funny, hidden monsters.

2. Star Tours: The Adventures Continue


Here, we were in the middle of superb action in Star Wars movie in 3D!

3. Haunted Mansion


This  gothic mansion is haunted by 999 ghosts, goblins, and ghouls. We had a scary interaction with all of them as we explored its grounds and interiors.
4. Splash Mountain


A boat ride which took us to the world of Disney’s classic film, Song of the South. At the end of our journey, there was a 45-degree drop down and a 16-meter high waterfall. What a surprisingly wet experience!

5. Big Thunder Mountain


A train ride up the mountain where we careened at high speed through the old, abandoned gold mine. What a thrill!

6. Pirates of the Carribean


As we rode on a boat, we lived through the adventure of Captain Jack Sparrow, where cannonballs flew and splashed into the sea. We truly enjoyed the rough voices of pirates shouting as we sail through the Carribean.

7. Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall

Of course, nothing beats  warm, hearty sweets and treats after our exciting ans thrilling experience in Disneyland. We ate here at the Royal banquet and felt like royalties as we feasted on steaks, veggies and delectable pastries. Thank you Tokyo Disneyland for a whimsical last day in Tokyo!


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