Tokyo (Japan) Spring Days 1 and 2, May 2016

Our Tokyo trip last May 2016 was very enjoyable and fun, especially for our kids, since we traveled with their cousins. We arrived early afternoon and went straight to a local ramen house in Shinjuku. We ordered gyozas, ramen and tsukemen. All were so yummy!


The weather was really nice at this time of the year. Cloudy at 16C, that’s why we opt to walk going to Harajuku, a trendy place full of shops and eateries where youth pop culture rules.


Here, we ate yummy crepes,

IMG_9751Custard cream Taiyaki,

IMG_9755and Takoyaki.


On our 2nd day, we started our morning walking along the streets of vibrant Tokyo. We went first to Hanazono-Jinja Shrine, a shinto shrine in Shinjuku.


Second stop was Tokyo Government Building, where we experienced eating in their office cafeteria and looking at a bird’s eye view of the city for free.

Third stop was Shibuya, one of the most colorful and busy districts in Tokyo, packed with all kinds of shops and restaurants.

IMG_9762Here, we met Hachiko.


Our afternoon was spent strolling along Yoyogi park,


Meiji shrine, another Shinto shrine,


and snacking on Luke’s lobster roll,


Pablo cheesecake,


And Croissant Taiyaki.


With our hearts and belly full of beautiful Tokyo, we slept full of dreams, excited to explore more of this beautiful city.


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